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Current Covid 19 -Policy

Mai Spa is choosing continue to require proof of vaccination for services at this time, for the protection of our customers and our staff.

As such, we will require you to have proof of double vaccination or you can choose to complete a rapid Covid test at no charge to you at our location,(please allow 15 mins before and call us to administer the test outside when you arrive)

Even though it is not required, all of our staff is 100% triple vaccinated for your protection as well.

If you have any concerns with our decision please direct them to the management, not our staff, via email at

We at Mai Spa Stand with Ukraine

Our website hosts Wix, who have strong ties to the Ukraine with over 950 members of their team living and working there, have created the badge icon above. Click the flag with a link to a few sites they have vetted and you can choose to donate if you wish. 

If you prefer a local connection, Calgary Interiors who did amazing work  reupholstering some of our beautiful spa furniture, is sponsoring and hosting a displaced family from the Ukraine. They have started a GoFund Me page if you wish to participate with any donations.  They are also accepting household items as well.  Click below for link to their GoFund Me page or email them at for further details

Thank you for your support.